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Tourism Information Centre opens in Union Island



The Union Island Tourism Information Centre was officially opened on Sunday, December 5, 2010, to mark the opening of the Tourist Season and also to climax a week of activities for Tourism Awareness Week held on the island.{{more}}

The week of activities held under the theme “Tourism is the oxygen of our economy. Let’s all breathe it” commenced on Monday, November 29, with choral speaking and Public Speaking competitions. Various activities continued throughout that week until Sunday’s climax.

Speaking at the Opening Ceremony, Chairman of the Union Island Tourist Board, Augustine Douglas, gave a brief history of the Union Island Tourist Board, noting that it was established on June 23, 1966, under the name Union Island Development Committee. He said over the past forty-six years, six persons have served as chairman of the Union Island Tourist Board and the vision of that board was to make Union Island known all over the world.

Douglas said it hasn’t been easy over the past nine years, but highlighted some of the achievements of the board since 2001. He said they were able to put signage in every village in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and they developed Mulzac Square in Union Island. He said the present board is cognizant that there need to be improvements, but with improvements there must be standards. He said they have experienced a high level of vandalism over the years and he urged all citizens on the Island to be “watchmen for their country.”

Director of the Grenadines Affairs, Edwin Snagg, said Tourism is a very important aspect in the lives of the people of the Southern Grenadines. He said one of the good decisions he has made was to recommend to the Cabinet that the Union Island Tourist Board be run by Bertram Simmons who provided good leadership to the Union Island Tourist Board. Snagg said he is satisfied with the work the board has done, stating that they are classic examples of patriots of the Island. He said the Centre took a long time to be delivered because there were some challenges beyond his control. He said that he is happy an immigration officer will be stationed at the building, enhancing the tourism product and sparing visitors the walk to the airport.

Snagg commended the tourist board for keeping Mulzac Square clean. He said he would wish to see a new dispensation with new persons incorporated on the board. He noted that the Tourism product is a volatile product and he urged the people of Union Island to take a more active role in the tourism development. Snagg persuaded the people to use the building effectively and for the purpose for which it was designed. He encouraged all persons to develop Union Island to its full potential.

Certificates of Appreciation were distributed to past board members of the Union Island Tourist Board for the contribution they have made to the development of the Island. (API)