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Three persons enter Digicel Cash Vault in Union Island

Three persons enter Digicel Cash Vault in Union Island


Last Friday, in Union Island, three persons got the opportunity to enter Digicel’s Cash Vault, and as a result won themselves hundreds of dollars in cash and phone credit.{{more}}

The cash vault is a chamber designed to blow Digi-cash through the air while persons locked inside attempt to grab as much Digi-cash from the air as they can in 30 seconds. The vault is part of Digicel’s 2010 Christmas Promotion which this year is dubbed “Once Upon a Digicel Christmas”.

Entering the vault on Friday were Benjamin Wilson, Marius James and Kenneth Mayers. In order to enter the vault, persons were asked a question based on the Christmas promotion.

Benjamin who grabbed the most money during his 30 seconds in the vault answered correctly the question “What are the three ways that you get entered in the 2010 Christmas promotion?”. He answered: “Pay your bill on time and in full, top up 20 dollars or more or buy a handset”. Persons who do this are entered in a draw where they will be given the opportunity to win EC$100,000 in cash. In the cash vault, Benjamin grabbed EC$255 worth of credit and EC$217 in cash.

James was asked “What is the name of the Christmas promotion and how much can you win?. He answered by saying that it was called Once Upon a Digicel Christmas and persons can win up to EC$100,000 in cash and prizes. He grabbed EC$175 in cash and EC$350 in credit from the vault.

Mayers was asked “What is Digicel’s December text to win promotion”. He grabbed EC$110 in cash and EC$260 in prepaid credit. The December text to win promotion for Digicel involves texting CASH to 7171. Two persons will win EC$5000 each.

This Friday, the cash vault heads to Canouan.