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Miguel is SVG’s first female deputy PM

Miguel is SVG’s first female deputy PM


Surrounded and encouraged by his wife Eloise and other family members, past and present members of Cabinet, senior public servants and other well wishers, leader of the Unity Labour Party (ULP) Dr. Ralph Gonsalaes took the oath of office, becoming the Prime Minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines for the third successive term.{{more}}

On a day of historic proportions which saw Minister of Education Girlyn Miguel also being sworn in as Deputy Prime Minister and Judith James Morgan being sworn in for her third term as Attorney General, Prime Minister Gonsalves once again affirmed that his government will continue to build on the initiatives that had been started in the first term of office and will embark on new ones.

Dr. Gonsalves touched on the Education Revolution, the creation of wealth and jobs as his government continues to reduce poverty, the reconstruction and recovery efforts after Hurricane Tomas, the creation of the new city at Arnos Vale, the strengthening of the Health and Wellness Revolution and the completion of the International airport at Argyle, among others.

“We also have to build a sustainable economy, and we have to manage our fiscal affairs in a way which reflects both prudence and enterprise…. We have to build the No and Low income houses… we have to take care of a lot of community problems (roads, drains and back walls and sporting and cultural facilities)….”

He urged the incoming Cabinet members not to rest on their laurels, but to strive to always seek humility in their service to the people.

“We must not allow ourselves to make the mistake which NDP made after the November Referendum. We must allow this victory to humble us; that we are in service of the people, we must be in communion with them, continue to love them, to represent their interest fearlessly and honestly try not to divide the country but to go about in healing.”

“We have shown that we have that capacity, and I am absolutely sure that the entire party and the government would make such immense strides during this period that the people would reward us very handsomely in 2015.”

He congratulated and expressed confidence in Miguel on her appointment to the position of Deputy Prime Minister; which made her the first woman to hold the post in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

“We can all sleep very soundly when I am out of the country or if I am indisposed for one reason or another, knowing that you have steady hands, in the same way that Sir Louis Straker provided those steady hands. We have them in Girlyn Miguel to keep the ship of state moving forward.”

Of Attorney General Jones-Morgan, Dr. Gonsalves said that her appointment was a triumph for the government, since it shows stability and continuity in the government.

The Prime Minister announced that the rest of the Cabinet will be sworn in in the Central Leeward constituency town of Layou, in tribute to the people of that constituency for their role in electing the ULP to government.

“As the people of Central Leeward would see, our thanks are made immediately with a symbolic gesture, a very important one which would be followed up with very substantive measures….”

“The race of Almighty God has brought us this far, and I am absolutely sure that it would take us safely onwards and take us home.”(JJ)