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DPP chides local Bar

DPP chides local Bar


Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Colin Williams has described this country’s Bar Association as an “Embarrassment to legal practitioners in St Vincent”.{{more}}

Speaking at last week’s call to the Bar of Carlos James, the DPP chided the Bar Association for not being the body that represents lawyers. “They have not been able to hold an election, but they mouth off continuously on other people’s failures and can’t even look inside and see their own failures and short comings,” Williams said.

“They can’t even sort out their own constitution, and they want to address the national constitution? They can’t sort out the constitution for an organization they are members of and they want to tell you about the national constitution?” Williams continued.

The DPP asked: “If the Bar Association can’t address their own business, how can they seek to be advising and assisting in regulating something for the wider community?”

Duane Daniel, who was the only member of the Bar Association present at James’ call, apologised for the absence of the executive members of the Bar Association. “I apologise for the absence. The notice was duly sent to the secretary and it was sent out by e-mail since last Thursday,” Daniel disclosed.

Highlighting some of the problems that have been plaguing the Association for over the past year, Daniel said there have been issues surrounding who is entitled to vote, and that has not been rectified, making it difficult to elect new officers.

“There is a stalemate at the Bar Association level, not to mention other divides I will not go into,” Daniel added.

President of the Bar Association is Kay Bacchus-Browne. (KW)