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Carlos James called to the Bar

Carlos James called to the Bar


Young Barrister Carlos James has pledged his commitment to working tirelessly as a champion of the poor and less fortunate.{{more}}

James, 27, waved the Troumaca flag high as he was admitted to practice at the Local Bar on Tuesday, December 7, 2010, at the High Court in Kingstown.

His call was witnessed by an intimate gathering which included his mother Rosita Andrews, who arrived from New York the day before, his daughter Safiya, other family members and close friends.

He was presented by Counsel Duane Daniel and seconded by Director of Public Prosecutions Colin Williams.

James, who already has a number of accomplishments under his belt, obtained his Bachelor of Laws honours degree from the University of Huddersfield, through Holborn College. He then completed the Bar Vocational Course (BVC) and Master of Laws degree at the City Law School in 2010.

Before taking up his Law studies, James worked at SEARCHLIGHT for five years as a sub-editor and journalist. During that time, he interned for six months at the Commonwealth Secretariat headquarters in London in 2005.

One of his biggest accomplishments in the Journalism field came in 2004 when he received the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) award for ‘Excellence in Health Journalism’.

A graduate of the University of West Indies, Mona Campus, James holds a diploma in Media and Communication and a number of certificates in public relations and social marketing from the Caribbean Institute of Media and Communication (CARIMAC).

Making his first address as a Lawyer, James thanked his family for all their support throughout his life. He also recognised the contribution of educator and editor emeritus of the SEARCHLIGHT, Norma Keizer, who he said had a tremendous impact on his young life when he started at SEARCHLIGHT some 10 years ago.

James said he recognises that a hard-focused ambition can translate fairly easily into learned selflessness and noted that it is his desire to be neither arrogant or self-absorbed.

The confident young man said he was humbled by the knowledge that being a Barrister is a privileged position and he is reminded that practising the profession just for monetary gain misses the point entirely. “…I am firmly of the belief that what a Barrister does matters. It matters not only to our individual clients, but also because of the obligation we take on to uphold the “Rule of Law”.

Stating that there is a notion that the Bar is quite detached or fragmented from society, James is of the belief that Barristers have a duty to serve their clients with diligence. Pledging to bridge the divide, James said: “No case will be too small nor client too insignificant. I hold strongly to the fundamental values of human rights, which are conceived in a universalist and egalitarian fashion.”

Speaking on James’ behalf, Daniel said James’ path to the Bar has been quite illustrious, and from his personal history, he is a man of many talents. It is his hope that James would help to elevate the nobility of the practice by his admission in SVG.

The DPP, in his remarks, said it is fair to say that the North Leeward district has produced some distinctions. Williams said what struck him about James is the fact that both of them worked in the media before embarking on a legal career. “We both came through the pathway of the media, and this gives him a sense of balance, sense of reasoning, a sense of fairplay and understanding of the community,” Williams said.

Presiding over James’ call, Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle implored the young barrister to remain humble and show respect for his peers. He further urged James to follow the right people and put God first, which will make him sure to succeed.

James is a member of the Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn and a member of the Human Rights Lawyers’ Association in England.

He recently completed a working stint at the Commonwealth Secretariat headquarters in London, where he worked in the Communications and Public Affairs Division.

James is currently attached to Duane Daniel’s chambers.