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Annique Cummings called to local Bar

Annique Cummings called to local Bar


Twenty-four-year-old Annique Cummings is the latest addition to local Bar of St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

Cummings, the daughter of Queen’s Counsel, Andrew Cummings, was admitted to practice as a barrister and solicitor on Thursday, December 9, at the High Court.

Cummings’ call was witnessed by her mother, Jacqueline, brother Jarand, along with other close relatives and friends. Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle presided over Cummings’ call.

Cummings, a past student of the Girls’ High School and A’Level College, embarked upon her law career in 2005 at Holborn College in England, where she did pre-law for one year.

She then went on to Coventry University, where she gained her Law degree with upper second class honours. Cummings then completed the Bar Vocational Course (BVC) at the University of the West of England and was later called to the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn.

Addressing the court, the young lawyer said she never envisaged becoming a lawyer, as her childhood dream was always to become a medical doctor. However, Cummings revealed that the Sciences became tedious and overwhelming and Law began to pique her interest.

She also vowed to uphold the legal profession to the noble traditions it once carried.

“I vouch to uphold the noble traditions of this honourable profession, to work steadfastly, to serve my clients, my community and my country with honour and not for honour,” she said.

Furthermore, Cummings said she intends to explore the law with an uncommon zeal in the search for knowledge, truth and justice. “In that quest, I plan to attain higher heights in my professional career by further studies as far as humanly possible.”

She thanked God and her family for supporting her throughout her years of study.

A proud Andrew Cummings described his daughter as a “respectfully argumentative” person who would argue with anyone but was always respectful and polite.

“I am of the view that Annique, with good tutoring, will not become a victim of greed, shoddy work. It is my hope that she will restore the legal profession to the esteem it once had,” Cummings noted.

Stating that money is important, Cummings urged his daughter not to fall to the lure of it. “We have always instilled in her the absolute essentiality of being a moral person. Some people feel money is equated to salvation. Money can never be salvation,” Cummings added.

He also urged Annique to embark on a career of study as her law practice continues. “Study is a huge component of success and this is not the time for relaxation. This is a time for hard diligent work.”

St Lucian Queen’s Counsel Hilford Deterville, who presented Cummings’ application, implored the young lawyer to work hard and not to be afraid to ask questions, even though she knows she is right. “”The first sign of a good lawyer is to ask things that they don’t know. Even if you think you know, check,” he urged.

Justice Frederick Bruce-Lyle, in his remarks, told the young lawyer she has a “veritable bank of wisdom” in her father. Bruce-Lyle told Cummings that her journey has just started and urged her not to feel that she knows everything about the law. “The law is ever-changing and do not tell yourself you know everything about the court,” he said.

Bruce-Lyle also appealed to Cummings to assist in bringing the practice of law to where it was 10 years ago and take it further.

Parnel Campbell Q.C., Ronald Jack and Duane Daniel also spoke on Cummings’ behalf and urged her to lift the standards of the Bar. She is currently attached to her father’s chambers, Cardinal Law Firm.(KW)