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ULP can deliver, says Luke Browne

ULP can deliver, says Luke Browne


Luke Browne, Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) candidate for East Kingstown and the youngest contender in the upcoming general elections, says that he is confident that the ULP administration can deliver on the promises as outlined in the youth manifesto.{{more}}

The ULP officially launched the second manifesto last Tuesday, December 7, at Sion Hill, which outlines the party’s plans in the areas of youth, culture and sport.

Speaking at a press conference Wednesday, December 8, Browne said that the key to implementing the plans as outlined in the 40-page document was to ensure that all hands were on deck.

The document deals with a number of issues, including jobs and wealth creation, entrepreneurship, education, health and wellness, housing, sports and recreation, the Argyle International Airport, culture and grooming the next generation of leaders.

“These ideas have come from the people throughout the country,” he explained.

Browne used the analogy of the electricity network, saying that if one of the lines was blocked, then chances are that the entire network would be affected.

“The government has done well over the last 10 years, and will continue to deliver,” he contended.

“Politics is about the future, and the only way to make conclusions about the future is by looking at the track record of government.”

Browne spoke of the significance of the document, saying that young people were often branded and accused of being involved in undesirable activities.

“But young people have dreams, and proper dreams, and it is important for them to realize that that these dreams can be realized, because where there is hope things are likely to function well,” Browne told members of the media.

It is hoped that the manifesto would impact persons between the ages of 16 and 25, Browne said. (DD)