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Sandy Bay woman attacked

Sandy Bay woman attacked


A Sandy Bay woman is pleading with Vincentians to have respect for others’ opinions and live in peace as Vincentians go to the polls on Monday, December 13.{{more}}

New Democratic Party (NDP) supporter, Madeline Philgence, said she was attacked on Wednesday, December 8, just because she shared her political views on certain issues.

Philgence, a vendor, said she was taking her son to the Sandy Bay Primary School shortly after 9am when the attack took place.

Philgence said she was telling her cousin Stratford Hoyte about how the NDP supporters have been discriminated against, because in her view, their houses were not repaired after the passage of hurricane Tomas.

“Me and he been talking and all of a sudden, this man who been standing behind Stratford say, ‘If been me, I woulda slap she in she face’”.

Philgence said she and the man exchanged words and when passing in his direction, the man slapped her in her face.

“After that, I push him and I feel someone (another man) grab me from behind, and then he (the first man) box me in me face,” she recalled.

She said the man who grabbed her pushed her out of the school yard. She added that she was beaten with a piece of iron across her left arm.

She sustained a swollen lip, swollen arm and a bloody nose after the ordeal.

“NDP is my party, and this is a democratic country, and everybody has the right to speak out. No matter what they try, I am supporting my party no matter what,” she reiterated.

“I want to encourage people to live together because at the end, we still have to live here.”

Philgence said she filed a report to the police and has since sought medical treatment for her injuries.(KW)