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New Medical facility opens in Evesham

New Medical facility opens in Evesham


The people of Evesham and surrounding areas are now equipped with their very own health facility, as the Evesham medical facility was officially opened Tuesday, December 7.{{more}}

The $1.3 million facility will offer an array of medical services, including a district medical doctor’s clinic, pharmaceuticals and maternal and child care.

The new facility is also equipped with an asthma bay and will serve the residents in Carriere, Riley, Collins, Evesham Vale, Evesham, and LaCroix.

“A full range of services will be provided for the residents of Evesham and surrounding areas with an emphasis on programming, because very often the health services are judged by the services received at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital,” Lanceford Weekes, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health said.

He added that the completion of the facility was evidence of the Ministry of Health’s plan to embark on a project to deliver better health services.

According to Weekes, the ministry had secured funding from the European Development Fund (EDF) to facilitate this improved health service throughout the country.

Although there have been improvements in the infrastructure, the permanent secretary said that work was expected to begin on what he termed the “soft side” of health, or the training of personnel to deliver better health care.

Outgoing Minister of Health, Dr Douglas Slater, as he spoke of the area representative’s (Girlyn Miguel) insistence for the facility, said that the lack of resources and the shortage of the required nursing staff delayed the delivery of the project.

“Good things come to those who wait,” Miguel said as she spoke of the need for such a facility in the area.

“Persons would have had to otherwise travel to Calder of the Levi Latham Clinic in Mespo,” she explained.

In her feature presentation, Miguel applauded the residents for the role they played in finding a suitable venue for the construction of the facility after the people came to a decision that the first construction site chosen was not suitable.

“It was you (the residents of Evesham) who made a decision that the first location was not strategic enough,” Miguel said.

“Community clinics are important in the delivery of affordable, quality care,” she added.

Access and transport will be easier for the elderly and sick, Miguel contended.

The project was jointly funded by the Basic Needs Trust Fund (BNTF). (DD)