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Dance coordinator wins $7,000 from Courts Ltd.

Dance coordinator wins $7,000 from Courts Ltd.


Dance coordinator in the Ministry of Culture Ann Marie Venner is kicking up her heels all the way to the bank, after winning the third draw for $7000 in Furniture and Appliance Giants Courts’ ‘All I Want For Christmas Is At Courts’ Christmas promotions.{{more}}

Venner, of Diamond, along with second place winner of $1000 worth of groceries Monique Warren of Campden Park, and Coulls Hill resident Glenford Lavia, who placed third and received $500 in groceries, were overjoyed after discovering their prizes in the boxes they selected.

Once again, Courts Christmas Santa Shevrell ‘Candyman’ McMillan instructed the three to select a number corresponding with the special boxes.

After selecting the numbers and opening the box that revealed her $7000 grand prize, Venner said that she was extremely pleased with her cash winnings, and with Courts for giving her the opportunity to get All she wants for Christmas.

Lavia, and Warren, a security officer, said that they, too, were grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the promotions and have their grocery bills drastically reduced, thanks to Courts.

Courts Marketing Executive Alexis John reminded customers that there are three major draws remaining, and customers should make an extra special effort to be a part of them.

“We are continuing to improve the lives of Vincentians $7000 at a time, and we are touching the lives of many more,” John said.

“The only way to be a part of it is to come down to Courts and get one of our quality brand name products and stand a chance to get all you want for Christmas,” he added.

He reminded customers that all they have to do to become eligible is to spend $499 or more at Courts, and they will also receive phone top ups, ham, turkey of grog and other prizes.

The next draw will take place on December 15, and will once again be aired live on HITZ FM.