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Seek legal advice, says Astaphan


Persons who feel that they had been wrongfully accused by the New Democratic Party’s (NDP) West St. George candidate Vynette Frederick, of alleged registration misconduct are being encouraged to seek legal advice.{{more}}

The call was made at a press conference on Thursday, December 2, by senior counsel of the Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) legal team, Anthony Astaphan.

According to Astaphan, a number of persons had already contacted Luke Browne, the ULP’s East Kingstown candidate, indicating that they were “extremely agitated” at the allegations.

In fact, one of the persons who had been identified as being engaged in the illegal activity, Afi Jack, made it public that the allegation being made against her was inaccurate (SEARCHLIGHT Dec 3).

On November 25, Frederick accused Browne, members of his family and close associates of illegally transporting registered voters living in other constituencies into the constituency of East Kingstown.

“Because the allegation Frederick made was not just against Luke Browne and the registering officers, …they were also accusing those that were allegedly being illegally transported or illegally registered of a criminal act,” Astaphan explained.

He added that persons found guilty of providing false statements to any registering officer were liable to be prosecuted and convicted.

“My advice is speak to Luke Browne or if you are not a supporter, go and see a lawyer and protect yourself, because it is a highly defamatory allegation against you,” Astaphan said.

Richard Williams, a member of the legal team, said that he had started the process of giving persons legal advice as to the way forward. (DD)