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NMCM Code signed

NMCM Code signed


Political parties here have agreed to adhere to the new practices outlined in the National Monitoring and Consultative Mechansim (NMCM) Code of Conduct, which was recently revised.{{more}}

The two major political parties, the New Democratic Party (NDP) and the Unity Labour Party (ULP), signed the NMCM Code of Conduct during a ceremony at the Methodist Church Hall on Thursday, December 2.

Senators Julian Francis of the ULP and St. Clair Leacock of the NDP signed the code of conduct on behalf of their respective parties.

Leacock and Francis, making brief remarks, pledged their parties’ commitment to adhering to the code of conduct. Francis also thanked the NMCM for putting the code in place.

Leacock said there are signs that show there is a need for guiding principles that politicians and political parties should follow during election periods. He added that the signing is one of the deep and abiding spiritual commitments of the NDP.

President of the Christian Council Father Pio Anthonio stated that a meeting was held on Tuesday, November 30, where the previous code of conduct was reviewed and changes were made.

Anthonio said that additions were made to paragraphs 14 and 17. Paragraph 14 of the original code states, “Each party should have free time on the National Broadcasting Corporation and the principle of equality shall also hold for other electronic media as far as free access is concerned”. It now includes a 14(b) which states, “The principles of equality shall also hold for the use of strategic venues for the holding of political meetings.”

Paragraph 17 states that “Posters may go on lamp poles and other appropriate structures provided that no nails or staples or metallic objects are used to affix the same”. It now includes 17(b) which states, “The political party shall publicly discourage the defacing or removal of their opponent’s election campaigning materials”.