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National Geographic to make documentary on SVG


In only a matter of days, a production crew from National Geographic Television (Nat Geo) will be setting up cameras here to film, a 90 minute documentary.{{more}}

Minister of Culture, René Baptiste, on Tuesday, November 16, made the announcement at the opening of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Education Secondary Schools Drama Festival at the Peace Memorial Hall.

Baptiste said that 30 Vincentians will be working along with the production crew, which will film here for just over a week and a half. She added that the selected Vincentians will have certain roles in the film and added that more actors may be chosen to take part.

The documentary will be shown on Nat Geo United States of America (USA), Nat Geo International, History Channel and History Channel in France.

Baptiste said Cabinet has already approved the application for the film license. She also said that the film crew has expressed their delight in filming here. “The team has told me that SVG is ideally located and has a wonderful cadre of of talented actors,” she stated.

The culture minister noted that this reality has always been of her dreams. “This was a dream I had and I thought it was just a dream. Now its a reality,” Baptiste stated.

Sharing more good news, Baptiste said she has received word from the Cuban ambassador that he will be making contact with television stations here to bring Cuban Soap Operas and sporting programmes to St Vincent.

Although Baptiste is retiring from active politics soon, she stated that she will still be involved in the creative arts, but more on the production end.

Baptiste noted that she would soon be looking at certain talents to do television productions for St Vincent as part of a production company that she is trying to put together.(KW)