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Green Party ready to take over reins of Government

Green Party ready to take over reins of Government


Ivan O’Neal, founder of the Green Party, held a meeting recently to select persons to fill the various ministerial posts in the event his party wins the December 13 General Elections.{{more}}

This was disclosed by O’Neal in an interview with SEARCHLIGHT on Monday, November 29.

“One important thing that we have done, we had a meeting a few days ago and we actually formed the Government. So we get a mandate on the thirteenth, and on the fourteenth we’re ready to go. We’re gonna be ready,” said O’Neal.

O’Neal said he had decided to take on the challenging roles of Minister of Finance and National Security; Joseph “Bongo Shines” Cain would be the Minister of Transport and Works; Rodassa Simon, Minister of Foreign Affairs; Susan Simon, Minister of Agriculture; and Elca Trudge, Minister of Social Services. He said all the candidates who contest the General Elections on a Green Party ticket will be given a portfolio.

O’Neal expressed confidence in announcing that his party will be fielding a full slate of candidates in the General Elections -15.

However, a notice from the Electoral Office disclosed that 13 candidates had been successfully nominated to represent the Green Party.

Eighteen-year-old Rodassa Simon, the son of Susan Simon, claimed that he was registered on Nomination Day, Friday, November 26, to contest the West St.George seat for the Green Party. During Monday’s interview, Rodassa said no one objected to him being nominated, despite his age. However, a search of the official list of candidates provided by the Electoral Office shows that in West St.George, the candidates who will be contesting that seat are Vynnette Frederick of the New Democratic Party and Cecil McKie of the Unity Labour Party.The laws of this country mandate that one must be 21 years old to contest a General Elections.

“They’re telling us that the age should be twenty one and over, but we have not had an objection. He was actually nominated you know and was stamped by the justice of the peace and nominated by the Returning Officer,” said O’Neal.

Bongo Shines quipped that if an individual can vote at the age of 18, they should also be able to hold office.

Rodassa’s mother will be contesting the East St.George seat against Clayton Burgin of the ULP and Dr. Linton Lewis of the NDP.

The Simons could have created history by becoming the first mother and son pair to contest national elections in St.Vincent and the Grenadines if her son was 21.

According to the notice from the Electoral Office, North Central Windward is the only other constituency that will have a two-way contest. That constituency will see the incumbent Ralph Gonsalves of the ULP coming up against newcomer Kenroy Johnson of the NDP.

O’Neal was nominated to contest the Central Kingstown seat against Elvis Charles of the incumbent ULP and Senator St.Clair Leacock of the NDP.

“Central Kingstown is a very interesting constituency, it has a massive increase in registered voters,” said O’Neal, adding that he believes that voters who are tired of the ULP and NDP will vote for him.

Bongo Shines said he plans to represent West Kingstown and he is confident that he will be victorious. He identified a lack of proper roads and drains as the main problems in this constituency.

He said the people of West Kinsgtown will not let him down.

“All ah we come up in church from small, we go Sunday School, we get we manners and discipline from church. How we as man could have heart to drogue a wheel barrow and stone a church? Are these the people they want to run this country? These are the people who stone the nation and they can’t be trusted,” said Bongo Shine.(HN)