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George McIntosh Market to hold Expo

George McIntosh Market to hold Expo


Nievet Isles is of the view that many persons are not full sentisitized about the George McIntosh Community Market, and she intends to do something about that.{{more}}

From December 13-18, a cultrual exhibition will be staged at the market, highlighting products of the 18 shops that operate there.

“This is going to entail craft and talent in order to promote the George McIntosh building, because nobody seems to know where it is located and that is not good,” Isles stated.

Isles, the owner of Vet’s Craft, shop number 13, said the event will be promoted on radio where persons can call in, answer a question about George McIntosh, and win prizes from any of the shops.

Although the event clashes with this country’s General Elections date, Isles said it would not be a problem, since persons might get hungry or want to purchase something before and after they vote.

The craftswoman added that many persons do not want to venture into Paul’s Avenue, where the market is located, because of its history.

“Not all bad come from here. There is good in Paul’s Avenue. This market is just one of them,” she noted.

In an effort to give the area a face lift and place vendors in a more conducive environment, the Government in collaboration with the National Lotteries Authority commenced work on the Market in February 2004. Nine months later, the George McIntosh Community Market became a reality.

The event will culminate with a show called, “Christmas Treasure”, where the sponsors of the event will be recognized for their contribution.

Isles added that at this event children between ages of 5-9 will parade with Christmas baskets filled with cakes, goodies, and a sash of the sponsors’ names. The master of ceremony will give a description of the business.

Since October 2005, the Kingstown Town Board has been overseeing the daily operation of the market. There are 18 shops including a hall for the Avenue Dancers.

If you are looking for a light meal, there’s Freddie’s. This shop provides sandwiches and a variety of teas. There is also an abundance of local fresh punches.

Persons who are desirous of repairing a shoe or a bag, can visit Blake’s Shoe Shop which offers leather works.

Kenlyn’s give you the perfect fit for the office, for weddings, uniforms for netball and other outfits desired by customers. Kenlyn’s also provide comfort clothing for all ages.

Then there is Shaka’s Tailor Shop, catering for a variety of sewing needs.

Gloria’s provides delicious snacks, lunches, and more on a daily basis.Patrons to this outlet have the option of eating there or under the gazebo or take away.

Players of Lotto need not go far to get their tickets. They can do that at Market’s Lotto Booth and purchase other tickets such as 3D and Super Six.

At Anita’s, on offer are chicken, pork, fish and other lunches, with a variety of local drinks and snacks on a daily basis.

And for your sewing essentials there is Stitches.

Also at the Market is an outlet called Charming Young Ladies, which gives customers a new look. The services provided are: dreadlocking, jerri-curls, weaving, braiding, relaxing and more.

Crystal’s Designs provides females with original designs. They can also have alterations and female clothing, cushions and curtains made on request.

Persons interested in surfing the Internet in comfort can visit Trunet, where they will also have wireless access.Trunet also provides training in MS Office 2007, Basic Computer & Basic QuickBooks, the designing of business cards, invitations and much more.

If you are in need of a suit for a wedding or are interested in having uniforms built, a pair of pants, or adjustments done to the ones you have, you can visit R D Tailoring. This outlet also does curtains and cushions.

At Body Secrets, you can personalize your own gift basket. Also, this outlet provides a wide variety of underwear and body and hair care products.

Rhona’s Hair Salon is a double delight. For instance transformation and treatments are done here.

“If your hair is depressing you, they’ll make you smile,” said Isles.

At Vet’s Craft, individuals can learn how to prepare craft for fun or profit. They can also learn how to make Teddy bears and other soft toys, embroidery, crochet, etc. Customers can also order birthday cakes, black cakes and other cakes for various occasions.

Also, there is Impressions, which offers something for everyone. This shop has excellent gifts, toys, books, games and lots more.

SVG Cancer Society thrift shop is also located at the George McIntosh Market.Vincentians are encouraged to visit this shop to support it and to get great bargains on new and used clothing, shoes and bags for males and females, adults and children. This outlet is open on Wednesdays and Fridays.

And, last but not the least is Kong Arts Gear. This business offers a wide variety of locally made fashionable clothing.