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Fire Empress endorses NDP

Fire Empress endorses NDP


Soca star Lornette Nedd, whose stage name is Fire Empress, has thrown her support behind the New Democratic Party (NDP).{{more}}

Nedd, who is also the Tobago Soca Monarch for 2010, has offered to play at various meetings for the NDP, as well as lend her full support to their electioneering efforts, right up to Election Day, a release from the NDP said.

“Also, Fire Empress has donated an exclusive theme song to the NDP campaign, to help them on the road to victory,” the release said.

“The track is called ‘Enough no more’ to tie in with their election theme”, Fire Empress explains.

“It’s written for the people, to help them unite in one voice, sending a clear message to Ralph Gonsalves,” the release said.

“We welcome Fire Empress with open arms and would like to thank her for this superb campaign song. I am excited by the many people who are supporting us in our defence of democracy. This is such an important moment for our country; to defend our basic values and rights. We have evidence of systematic election rigging by the ULP. We, as a people, must defend our democracy at all costs. Regional and international support is very welcome,” Arnhim Eustace, leader of the NDP said.