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Torrential rains flood sections of Arnos Vale


About three hours of heavy rains on Saturday, November 20, caused flooding in certain parts of Arnos Vale in the area of CK Greaves Supermarket, the Sol depot and several other premises.{{more}}

Blocked and overflowing drains were responsible for flooding the area near to the airport.

A low lying area close to the Sol depot was also flooded out and some residents were forced to stay indoors. The residence of Stella Browne, fondly known as “Mother love”, was flooded in some sections.

She said that this was the third time for the year that her property was flooded. Browne used the opportunity to appeal for help to have a portable water pump available to speed up the drying process. She explained that if left to dry out on its own, it will take about four days.

Meanwhile, a four day cricket game between Pakistan A and West Indies A had to be abandoned on Saturday, as parts of the playing field were swamped. A portable water pump was used to move the excess water from the perimeter of the field.