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Sandy Bay residents receive free medical attention

Sandy Bay residents receive free medical attention


The Rotary Club of St.Vincent journeyed to Sandy Bay last Sunday with a team of more than 12 doctors, nurses and two pharmacist to offer free medical attention and treatment to those in need.{{more}}

Over 300 patients recieved free medical attention from specialists such as surgeons, opthalmologists, dentists, and gynaecologists. They also recieved free medication.

President Francois Truchot also distributed wheel chairs to those in need in the Sandy Bay Community.

At the Pharmacy, over 145 prescriptions were filled and 253 items dispensed.

Prescriptions filled did not include the generous donation of Dr.Ken Onu, who saw patients and provided therapy from his personal supplies.

Items dispensed were mainly: antibiotics (oral), antifungal (oral), antifungal creams, antibiotic creams, anti-inflammatory pain killers, anthelmintics, H2 blockers, and Proton pump inhibitors

The Rotary Club of St.Vincent thanks Scotiabank, Digicel, Shepherds Trading, People’s Pharmacy, St.Elbert Walters, Headteacher of the Sandy Bay Government School, and the medical team, all of whom contributed towards making the event a success.