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Fire Chief: We work for the public. We need the support of the public

Fire Chief: We work for the public. We need the support of the public


Fire Chief Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Isaiah Browne has again addressed claims that his Fire Department is inefficient in its operations.{{more}}

Browne speaking to SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday, November 23, after the fire close to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital, was brought under control, emphasized the need for the support of the public.

In the wake of the fire, complaints were rife that the police fire service is inefficient, lacks resources and is unprofessional in its operations.

Browne related that the department has had problems with resources for some time, and can only work with what they have.

“We’ve been saying for months now that we don’t have proper gear and we fight with what we have. That’s basically what we do,” Browne said.

He added that the department needs the support and cooperation of the public when in comes to extinguishing fires. “What we do, we work for the public, and we need the support of the public,” he said.

Browne contended that the only problem encountered while fighting the fire that took place on Monday was the lack of water. The team had to do a water relay from the gas station nearby. The fire destroyed two wooden structures and one concrete building.