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The Salvation Army faces a hard year in St. Vincent

The Salvation Army faces a hard year in St. Vincent


Although they may become engulfed by all the happenings of the General Election campaign, Vincentians are being reminded of the need to give generously to the poor.{{more}}

This is the appeal of Major Pierre Antoine days before the launch of the 2010 Salvation Army’s Kettle Appeal this Friday.

“This is something traditional and something that persons (the poor) look forward to,” Antoine told SEARCHLIGHT.

“I want to make an appeal to all Vincentians to support our activities, we need your support,” Antoine said.

The Kettle Appeal’s minimum target is $100,000, but Antoine said that the “needs are more than that” and it would be a blessing to surpass the target set.

The monies collected will be used to purchase items to be distributed to the indigent, he explained.

Major Antoine said that he was confident that the public will support this year’s appeal despite the electoral activities and people re-building in the wake of the passage of Hurricane Tomas.

“People know what the Salvation Army is doing, especially during the Christmas time,” he said.

But he made an appeal for persons to continue to support the other programmes of the Salvation Army.

In fact, persons are already lining up to receive food packages.

According to Major Antoine, the Salvation Army has already distributed over 600 tickets and anticipates that by the end of the Christmas Season, the number would reach at least 1,000.

The launch begins at 10 a.m. on Friday, outside the General Post Office; the appeal runs until Christmas Eve. (DD)