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SVG Helping Hands grants wish lists to six organizations

SVG Helping Hands grants wish lists to six organizations


As Christmas draws near, the spirit of giving has been filling the air, and six local organizations stand to benefit from the generosity of one non-profit foundation which aims at fulfilling the wishes of those in need.{{more}}

SVG Helping Hands Inc, a San Diego, California, based non-profit organization, which was established by Vincentian born Susan Child-Ellis – (President), Sally-Regisford Charleston- (Treasurer) and Natasha Bullock O’dero – (Secretary), will be donating nine barrels to local organizations throughout the country.

The recipients of these barrels filled with goodies will be the: Lewis Punnett Home, Liberty Lodge Boys Training School, Vinsave, Guadalupe Home for Girls, Bread of Life and the St Benedict facility at Georgetown.

President Child-Ellis said that all of the founding members are cousins who have learnt the importance of sharing from their Vincentian roots. She noted that they all left some 30 years ago as youngsters to reside in San Diego, California, but have never forgotten their homeland. Child-Ellis said that the trio wanted to give back in a meaningful way to their motherland and decided to establish SVG Helping Hands Inc almost two years ago.

The President said their main aim was to give assistance to the medical, environmental and the underprivileged needs of the local organizations and that they have been using their connections overseas to have fund raising events such as Bar-B-Q and dinners bring about change and joy in persons’ lives.

Meanwhile, Treasurer Regisford-Charleston pointed out that the monies raised are used to purchase specific items which these local organizations have drafted up. The Treasurer said that this specific wish list ensures that particular needs are met.

Regisford-Charleston said that SVG Helping Hands Inc was pleased to give back in a more substantial and formal way and expressed regret that the barrels may have been delayed because of the passage of hurricane Tomas.

The supplies which range from dry goods to toiletries, among other things, will also be handed over by liaison Sheron France-Charles who was given a certificate of appreciation for being the local “on the ground” person.

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