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SVGTU ready to assist teachers affected by Hurricane Tomas

SVGTU ready to assist teachers affected by Hurricane Tomas


The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union (SVGTU) stands ready to assist teachers who have been affected by the passing of Hurricane Tomas.{{more}}

This promise was made yesterday during a press conference at the Teachers Union Headquarters.

President of the SVGTU Ronald Clarke stated that an appeal was made via radio, asking teachers to contact the union if they had suffered damage.

“After we would have quantified the damage we are going to look at how best we can help our teachers, we are not sure how…” Clarke said.

He said after the hurricane had passed he was able to assess the damage on the North Windward side of the island.

Clarke, who added that he went as far as Fancy, said that he was “somewhat nervous and horrified” at what he saw, causing him to wonder what had happened to the teachers.

He stated that so far, information conveyed to the union states that 10 house roofs suffered damage, while five houses had their entire roofs torn off. That included the house of SVGTU Public Relations Officer Vibert Lampkin.

Clarke stated that the union was a small one and was not particularly rich, but will try to assist teachers in whatever way it can. He added that he understands that besides damage done to roofs, persons also suffered damage to furniture, among other things.

Clarke also called for teachers at this time, to exercise “parental care”, as children may still be traumatized by the passing of the storm, especially those who suffered damages to their homes.