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Banana farmers expected to be compensated up to $1.65 million

Banana farmers expected to be compensated up to $1.65 million


Vincentian banana farmers are expected to receive up to $1.65 million in compensation for damage done to their farms by Hurricane Tomas.{{more}}

Adjustor for regional farming insurance body WINCROP Randy Rodney said at a press conference called by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries on Tuesday November 9, that with the assessment of farms almost complete, it is estimated that 95 per cent of banana farms had been destroyed here.

He said that the assessments should be completed by last Friday, November 12, and stressed that the figure of $1.65 million does not represent the value of the crop destroyed, but rather the insured liability.

“We are doing the level best we can, to support the farming community to get back on its feet.”

“We want to ensure that banana farmers can go back to their farms and rehabilitate as soon as possible, hence the quick pace that we have decided to get in with the assessments.”

Rodney credited the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines for its support of the insurance programme, and said that it is because of that support, why the programme has been able to remain successful, and in turn help the farmers.

The Dominican citizen indicated that the damage done to Windward Island neighbour St. Lucia was more extensive, with 100 per cent destruction of bananas, and 44 per cent in Dominica.

He said that St. Lucia will receive about $1.4 million in compensation and Dominica $500,000.(JJ)