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Maxwell Charles is ULP’s man for Central Leeward

Maxwell Charles is ULP’s man for Central Leeward


The Unity Labour Party’s (ULP) Candidate for the Central Leeward constituency, Maxwell Charles, says that he intends to continue the development that has been taking place in his constituency.{{more}}

Charles, who spoke in the town of Layou last Sunday, November 7, said that projects started by his predecessor Sir Louis Straker will be completed, and he promised to deliver in the areas of education, housing, sports and tourism, among others.

“The Education Revolution will continue in Central Leeward… We are going to make use of the learning resource centres where our boys and girls can continue their computer education,” he said.

The former educator called on tradesmen and school dropouts to get enrolled in classes in order to have a sound education.

“We are going to continue the housing programme,” Charles added. “I am going to see to it that the poor people in Central Leeward get more help to erect their houses.”

“One of the first things I am going to look at is to get government to make a commitment to purchase those lands so you can get titles to your lands in Bethrimy and in Glebe Hill.”

“The No Income Housing will continue, so that poor people can benefit from the housing Revolution.”

On future projects, Charles said that the fishing industry and tourism and sports are set to benefit, and expected to take off under his watch.

“We have a five star hotel in Buccament, and another one coming in Mount Wynne…. One of the plans that I have in store would be to train our local craftsmen so that they can sharpen their skills and own one of these (craft) shops.”

“We are a fishing community, and already plans are in store to extend the blackfish building in Bottle and Glass (Barrouallie), and in so doing, our industry will grow from strength to strength.”

“I’ve already spoken to someone who will train young people to become fishermen. Money from this project will be used to build boats and seines; and once you are successful, you will keep the boats and the seines so you can help yourself.”

Charles thanked the gathering for their turnout in support of himself and his party, as well as incumbent Sir Louis Straker for showing confidence in him.

Straker, when handing over the ‘baton’ to Charles, said that he is certain that the Central Leeward constituency will return to the ULP fold.

“I must pass the torch to one that I have complete confidence in. As Elijah passed the Mantle to Elisha, I now give the mantle to my dear friend.

Straker also used the opportunity to take a swipe at New Democratic Party (NDP) candidate Norrel Hull for statements made earlier.

“I went to Taiwan and I pleaded with my colleagues in Taiwan that I want a learning resource centre in Layou. We were here when Elizabeth Chu told the big group here that her government was pleased to ask that the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to name it the Sir Louis Straker Learning Resource Centre, and that’s the centre we have here now.”

“Now Norrel Hull says if he wins the only thing that he has for the development of Central Leeward is to remove the name there and the name of the Central Leeward High School.”

“I say if he wants to put a name on something, let him build something. The NDP had 17 years and they never built anything here – take his filthy hands off the learning resource center and the secondary school we have built at Peters Hope.”(JJ)