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LIME warns: Don’t cut telephone cables

LIME warns: Don’t cut telephone cables


LIME is pleading with residents not to cut telephone cables which fell during the passage of Hurricane Tomas.{{more}}

Chief Executive of LIME Angus Steele made the appeal to residents in the affected areas after reports that several fallen cables had been chopped.

Steele, in making his appeal, said, “We are trying our best to restore service in the quickest possible time to the customers who have lost service. Chopping chunks from fallen cables will set us back significantly since these cables feed several hundred customers. Your friends and family may be some of these customers who may be out of service because of the indiscretion of a few persons.

“Please help us by moving the cables and putting them in a safe place, not to endanger anyone. We have to be our brothers’ keepers here,” said Steele.

During the passage of the storm, LIME’s networks, both fixed and mobile, withstood the powerful winds and rains.

However, large cable-carrying fiber optic cables used to connect cellular sites and drop wire used to connect homes were damaged by landslides and falling poles and trees.

Customers were able to use their phones to call friends and family to keep in touch and give updates to radio stations.

LIME customers received regular updates from NEMO via text messages. The data network remained online and stable throughout the storm so that customers were able to take advantage of their favorite social networks to chat and download pictures online.

The full service telecommunications provider is continuing its effort in refuelling generators to cell sites and MSANs in areas affected by power losses, assessing and repairing damaged cables.

Several subcommittees have already been set up to manage the volume of calls expected over the next few weeks, with a view to reducing the burden on customers.

Customers who wish to report faults can do so by dialing 646 toll free.