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Sinson – Employees need somewhere to relax

Sinson – Employees need somewhere to relax


A Vincentian manager employed with the Canouan Resorts Development (CRD) Ltd. has sought to clear the air about a sign that is posted in Canouan at the entrance to the Canouan Beach Apartments (CBA) compound.{{more}}

Janine Sinson, who is Manager of Canouan Realty Ltd (CRL), which trades as The Grenadines Estate, told SEARCHLIGHT that the sign, which says “CRD Group of Companies employees, suppliers and contractors only” was posted in an attempt to deter villa owners and guests of the resort from “infringing” on the area; not to keep out residents of Canouan.

The CBA compound provides housing for management staff of the group of companies, Sinson included.

The CBA compound, which consists of small cottages, also includes a bar, school and pre-school.

“We have to have somewhere where we are able to relax, enjoy ourselves, away from the guests,” Sinson, who is originally from mainland St. Vincent said.

“The sign obviously is not meant to exclude residents of Canouan from this area, as 90 per cent of the residents of Canouan are employees, suppliers or contractors of CRD,” she asserted.

CRD is the parent company of CCA Ltd., Canouan Resorts Holdings and CRL.