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Man falls from roof during hurricane

Man falls from roof during hurricane


As Errol Joslyn continues to nurse his injuries at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital (MCMH), his relatives are seeking assistance to enable him to receive further medical treatment overseas.{{more}}

On Saturday, October 30, during the passage of Hurricane Tomas, Joslyn, 60, of Georgetown, fell from his house roof as he was trying to secure his roof from heavy winds and torrential rain.

As a result of the fall, Joslyn told SEARCHLIGHT on Wednesday that he cannot remember anything that happened.

“I feeling a lot of pain right now and I can’t remember anything,” Joslyn said, as he rolled from side to side of the bed, visibly in anguish.

The construction worker, who has a badly swollen face. He is, however, thankful that God has spared his life. “I am very grateful that I am alive. Me just na know wey happen at all,” the father of five said.

His son, Romain “Errie” Joslyn, told SEARCHLIGHT he heard a loud thud and people screaming outside, but he said he thought it was just people reacting because someone’s house roof had blown off.

Romain added that he was in his bedroom when his sister rushed into the house and told him what had happened.

“She come and say, ‘Errie, daddy dead’, so me rush go outside and see him pon the ground with he whole face covered in blood,” Romain said, as his father held his hand and repeated, “Ah love you, me son, and don’t forget to pray for me.”

Romain noted that while his father was in an unconscious state on the ground, it was his step- mother who helped to revive him by throwing water over his face.

“Where I dey here, I trying to hold back my crying, because since the thing happen, I ain’t even eat or sleep,” he said.

Errol was taken to the Georgetown Hospital, where he remained until the all clear was given after the hurricane. He was then carried to the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital on Sunday evening.

Romain said Doctors have already told the family that Errol will have to be flown overseas to have checks done on his head.(KW)