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Missing fishermen found in Balliceaux

Missing fishermen  found in Balliceaux


The two fishermen who were reported missing at sea since Friday, October 29, were found safe and sound on Balliceaux early Monday morning.{{more}}

Guy Ollivierre, 55, of Victoria Village and Vandyke “Jeff” Dickson, 41, of Stubbs left Stubbs Bay last Friday morning to fish on the North Windward coast, but they never completed the journey, after their boat capsized while on the way.

When contacted yesterday, the Coastguard officials told SEARCHLIGHT that they had received information that the men swam to the deserted isle of Balliceaux, from where they were transported to Bequia on Monday.

Nodica Ollivierre, Guy’s wife of 19 years, told SEARCHLIGHT that her husband had left home on Friday, long before she was awake.

The mother of three, said: “I never like the sea or any of its activities. I’m not for it and he knows that, so he tells me nothing.”

She said even though her husband is a former Sea Captain, she always had an uneasy feeling about the boat that he bought two years ago. Guy is originally from Paget Farm, Bequia.

Recalling the events of the past weekend, Nodica said: “It was a sad feeling not seeing him coming home.”

By midday yesterday, she was overjoyed when she learnt that her husband was safe in Bequia.

“I spoke to him and he is ok,” said the elated wife.

Joel Dickson, Vandyke’s younger brother, was trying to remain strong when SEARCHLIGHT visited him on Monday morning. He said he last saw his brother on Thursday night.

Joel said his brother had a fractured toe and he had promised to assist him in attending to it on Friday, but by the time he got up that morning, Vandyke was long gone.

On Friday afternoon, relatives had tried to contact the men to alert them of the impending hurricane that was heading to St.Vincent and the Grenadines, but they only received a voice message. (HN)