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Chamber pledges support to help businesses rebuild


The Chamber of Industry and Commerce has extended its full support to the rebuilding of our nation subsequent to the passage of Hurricane Tomas.{{more}}

A release from the Chamber on Monday, November 1 said, “…We cannot dictate that businesses close their doors since everybody’s circumstances would be different. However, businesses are asked to be understanding to the plight of their employees by providing reasonable times and assistance to their employees who would have suffered as a result of the disaster. At the same time, we urge all to remain mindful that the country’s rebuilding depends on heavily on our productivity and as such businesses must continue to operate.”

“We urge all businesses to ensure that proper damage assessments are conducted at their premises. This includes taking photos where necessary for Insurance purposes.”

The Chamber also asked all citizens to be very careful and cautious as the nation continues the clean-up.

They advised businesses to provide assistance to state agencies wherever possible, especially where specialized and heavy-duty equipment is needed.