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Christian TV magazine show to air on SVGTV

Christian TV magazine show to air on SVGTV


With the Christian community still buzzing over the recently concluded Total Inspiration 100.5 SVG Bible Festival, for the very first time, a Christian TV magazine show will be launched on November 3, and be aired every other Wednesday thereafter on SVGTV.{{more}} This as Total Inspiration 100.5, SVG TV’s sister, continues to take provide spiritual nourishment for the gospel community.

According to Richard Beadle, Program Assistant, the program is an entertaining one which is designed to ‘feed’ the gospel community with information that is specifically relevant to them since very often their needs as a community are often neglected. Dubbed ‘Total Inspiration TV’, it will feature both traditional and contemporary gospel music videos, Bible Trivia, Christian Book Reviews, Movie Reviews, humour, a Biz Niz segment as well as other treats from time to time such as ‘A Day in the History among other things’; it will also deal with topical issues in the gospel community as well Christian World News.

Candice Sealey, Head of Sales & Marketing, stated that in line with the station’s commitment to being life changing radio, the programs such as Book Review are all designed to stimulate reading by bringing to the forefront certain books that may not readily be available to the Vincentian public or that may be overlooked. She further noted that with Christmas on the horizon, books serve as excellent gifts and knowledge from reading the books reviewed can further provide the spiritual food the gospel community needs to remain steadfast in their faith.

Total Inspiration TV will be hosted by Richard Beadle and Esther Davis and is available for sponsorship by members of the business community.