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Digicel opens Digi store in Canouan

Digicel opens Digi store in Canouan


Digicel continues to expand its operations in an effort to make sure that all of its customers are fully serviced.{{more}}

Last Friday, October 15, the telecommunications company joined forces with Canouan Foods Limited and opened yet another Digi store. Canouan Foods Limited is a supermarket located on the Grenadine island of Canouan. It is owned and operated by Businessman Albert Ollivierre and now boasts of a fully stocked Digicel outlet located inside the supermarket. The set up is similar to the Digicel store opened last month at the Aunt Jobe’s Supermarket in Arnos Vale.

Commenting on joining the Digicel family, Ollivierre said that he is very happy to partner with Digicel in an effort to bring a well needed and deserved service to the people of Canouan. He said that he decided to partner with Digicel after experiencing the professionalism of the Digicel team last March, during the company’s sponsorship of the Canouan Regatta and Gum Boat races.

“Digicel has shown over and over again that they are the bigger better network and I think that Canouan residents will benefit tremendously from this new store”, said Ollivierre.

Persons shopping at the new store can, among other things, top up their handsets, purchase new phones with either a pre-paid or post paid plans or pay their post paid bills. The opening hours are 8 am to 8 pm Monday to Saturday and 8 am to 12 pm Sundays and Holidays.

Ollivierre also commented that the location of the Digicel store inside his supermarket is also very convenient for shoppers in that they can buy groceries and do their Digicel business all at one place. On Tuesday, Ollivierre revealed that persons were indeed taking advantage of the new set up, “business has been very good so far; people are everyday realizing that Digicel is bigger and better”.

Ollivierre is also hoping to team up with Digicel on Saturday, November 6, when he opens the Mangrove Restaurant and Bar.

Commenting on the opening of the new entity, Dealer Accounts Executive at Digicel, Fanta Williams, said: “We had a previous relationship with another representative in Canouan that ended, so we have had no retail presence in Canouan since April, so this is an opportunity to reintroduce the people of Canouan to the brand and provide them with our stellar customer service and great products and promotions”.

Williams added: “Albert Ollivierre and his team at Canouan Foods are committed and enthusiastic about offering the products and services of Digicel to their customers; we are confident that this is a winning combination that will prove highly beneficial to the Canouan public”.

Meanwhile, Country Manager at Digicel Sonia Polius and Marketing Executive at Digicel Justin John who also journeyed to Canouan for the launch of the new store used the opportunity to interact with students at the Canouan Government School. John and Polius handed over to the kids a number of school supplies in the form of draw string bags containing exercise books and pencils.

“The students came around during the store opening so we thought it would be nice to give them some school supplies”, said John who revealed that a number of Canouan residents who visited the opening also left with bags, caps, balls and water bottles.