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Star Apple Education Foundation launches another children’s library


The Star Apple Education Foundation has launched another children’s library.{{more}}

The launch took place on Tuesday, October 12 at the Evesham Learning Resource Centre.

The children’s library is a space within the learning resource centre, specially designed for children by Eloise Gonsalves, wife of Prime Minister Dr. Ralph Gonsalves.

Roxanne Dalrymple, Chairperson of Activities, said the Star Apple Education Foundation was formed by Gonsalves out of the need to get children to focus on reading versus viewing television.

She said Gonsalves wanted to take the joy of reading back to children and to ensure that the library is used by children not only after school, but also as a part of their school outings.

Usually at the launch of a children’s library a story is read to them and in this case a story entitled “Starlight” was read by Olivia Da Silva. Da Silva told the children if they wanted to read they must know their ABCs and the sounds of each letter.

Students from the Evesham and the Cane End Government Schools, teachers, parents and representatives from the Adult and Continuing Education Department were present at the launch ceremony.

At the end of the ceremony students were formed into groups and were given the opportunity to browse the library. They were encouraged to become members and were given the rules that they would have to adhere to upon doing so.