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Dr Gonsalves’ trip to Qatar hailed ‘a success’


Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves’ trip to Qatar is being hailed a success.{{more}}

This is the Prime Minister’s early assessment.

Speaking on WeFM’s ‘Shake Up’ talk show on Wednesday, October 13, Gonsalves said he had been having some “very good meetings” during the visit.

The Prime Minister said that one of the most important meetings was one held between him and the Emir, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.

“We discussed several important issues focusing in on long term partnerships, specifically investments and assistance with the international airport, which he agreed on,” said Gonsalves.

The Prime Minister also indicated that he was successful in his discussions with the Emir on the topic of scholarships, noting that the Emir had expressed an interest in having students from St. Vincent and the Grenadines study in Qatar.

Gonsalves stated that successful talks were also held with Qatar’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy, Abdullah bin Hama Al-Attiyah.

The Prime Minister disclosed that the other two members of his delegation, Dr.Rudy Matthias, Chief Executive Officer of the International Airport Development Company (IADC) and St.Vincent and the Grenadines’ Ambassador to the United Nations, Camillo Gonsalves, met with Qatar’s Civil Aviation Authority.

Gonsalves and his delegation were expected to leave Qatar late Wednesday, October 13, for Syria. (DD)