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Community Action Groups construct home for Glamorgan resident


Devon Cupid had a dream to build his own home.

Like any ambitious young man, he formulated a plan and set it in motion. He purchased materials, sourced labour, and had his design drawn. He was well on his way to fulfilling his dream, when disaster struck. The motivated young man suffered a stroke, which put him and his dream on pause.{{more}}

Community Action Groups (also known as CAGs) keeping with their aim to touch the lives of Vincentians everywhere through practical, hands-on ministry, heard of Devon’s plight and on September 26, took to the community of Glamorgan, where they picked up where he left off and completed his dream.

The CAGS Task Force which included Juliet Todd, CAGs President, Jonathan Noel, CAGs Secretary and Pastor Edson Augustus, CAGs CEO, with assistance garnered from the Community Services Department of the Belmont Seventh Day Adventist Church, Devon’s relatives, and the CAGS Skilled Men’s group built the home for Devon.

Material for the construction of the home was provided by Devon, as he had already purchased three sheets of plywood, and seven sheets of galvanise.

Additional materials were donated to the cause by Frederick’s Construction.

CAGs is focused on reaching out to the community and forming a practical, functional relationship between the church and community. The organization is also dedicated to eliminating poverty and bringing joy and comfort to those who need it.

Pastor Augustus stated that one of CAGs objectives is to motivate Vincentian youths to utilize head, heart, and hand by using their skills, talents, gifts, potentials and abilities in a proactive and positive manner to build a better St. Vincent and the Grenadines and the hastening of Jesus’ return.

CAGs also has plans in place for a Pampers Drive, to aid less fortunate mothers in child care; and those who are sick and are in need. For more information on this contact Pastor Edson Augustus at (784) 495-7379 / 531-2029.

For more detailed information please visit the website: operationvictory