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SVGTV is taking you back to ‘A moment in Time’

SVGTV is taking you back to ‘A moment in Time’


Wednesday, October 27 is a phenomenal day in SVG; it’s the day that we celebrate 31 years of independence.{{more}

With this in mind and with SVG TV being the national television station of the island, SVGTV is asking Vincentians to go back to ‘A Moment in Time’. Vincentians are being asked to send in their photos of SVG from yesteryear which can include not only photos from pre-independence but those from over the past 30 years that highlight changes in SVG as time progressed; photos can also be from cultural settings e.g. Carnival, cultural dances, among other things from ‘back in the day’, as well as social and political settings.

Candice Sealey, Head of Sales of Marketing at SVGTV, says that to effectively bring the photos to life, persons are also required to send in a story that goes along with the photo so that the public can truly understand what the picture represents. Photos should be e-mailed to [email protected] and will be featured in the ‘A Moment in Time’ feature which will begin on Tuesday, October 19 during SVGTV News; the photos and stories will also be posted on the SVGTV Facebook Fanpage.

Sealey added that SVGTV has also teamed up with Photomax, as it relates to photo restoration, since photos have to be in good condition and some photos may be faded or need ‘a touch up’. As a result, persons can take their photos as well as negatives to Photomax, have them restored at a discounted rate and have the chance of winning a new Digital Camera courtesy of Photomax; furthermore, photos on the SVG TV fan page on Facebook that receive eight or more likes also qualify to win the digital camera.

SVGTV says that since a photo is worth a thousand words, they saw it fit to use them to tell the stories of many Vincentians before and even after independence.