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Que Pasa denies being in company of Francis and Brewster on beach

Que Pasa denies being in company of Francis and Brewster on beach


Three years after talk show host, Elwardo ‘EG’ Lynch, alleged that Assistant Commissioner of Police, Lenroy Brewster, and former Government Minister, Julian Francis, were in the company of Antonio “Que Pasa” Gellizeau at Wallilabou beach on the night of August 4, 2007, Gellizeau has spoken about the issue.{{more}}

On Friday, October 8, at the Serious Offences Court, Kingstown, Gellizeau in his testimony told the court under cross-examination, that although he was on the beach in August 2007, “he was never together” in the company of any of the aforementioned persons.

Both Francis and Brewster, earlier this year, denied being at Wallilabou with Gellizeau.

Lynch is charged with making false statements on August 23, 2007, likely to cause fear or public alarm.

Gellizeau said that on August 4, 2007, he came to mainland St. Vincent from St. Lucia on a speed boat to collect some puppies at Wallilabou around 12 a.m., since he is involved in the sale of the animals.

While on the beach, Gellizeau said, “I saw people below me at the beach and there was a vehicle that looked like a police vehicle at the entrance.”

After collecting the puppies, Gellizeau said he went back to St. Lucia on the speed boat and came back to St. Vincent later that day on his yacht because he had already received clearance to bring back his yacht here.

Sometime in August, he said Lynch met him at the Heritage Square and questioned him about the alleged meeting at the beach.

“I told him, so what if I was on the beach with them? Then I said ‘Yes, I was on the beach’, Gellizeau recalled.

In a statement given to police, Gellizeau said he never mentioned anything about Lynch asking him about the alleged meeting because the police did not ask.