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PM confident of another term

PM confident of another term


Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves has expressed confidence in his Unity Labour Party (ULP) being returned to government after the upcoming general elections.{{more}}

The Prime Minister, speaking at a press conference on Monday, October 4, at Cabinet Room, reflected this sentiment at the gathering where he announced the sale of majority shares of the National Commercial Bank to East Caribbean Financial Holdings (ECFH), the parent company of Bank of St. Lucia.

He indicated that the proceeds from the shares sale will not be used for recurrent spending, but instead will go towards a number of capital projects, “significantly the international airport”.

“I am running the government in full confidence that the government will be returned. There’s not going to be any hiccup, so I am putting every single thing in place to show the people that we have our programs we are continuing.”

“You may say ‘you’re doing all these things and you have elections within the next few months….’ You can see that this is not a government which is in any way at all worried. We have to face the people and we’re putting acumens to the people.”

Dr. Gonsalves outlined a number of projects that will be continuing past the March 2011 date on which elections are constitutionally due.

He highlighted the US $4.2 million in grants and soft loan from the CARICOM Development Fund which will go towards the purchasing of equipment for the construction of the Argyle International Airport, as well as seeking assistance from the International Finance Corporation to partner with private sector to do at least one component of the airport project.

“They were amazed at the progress which we have made over the two years,” the prime minister noted.

He also spoke of funding for work on two polyclinics, the Mental Health Centre and Lewis Punnett Home, agricultural diversification and the expansion of the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, the provision of laptop computers for primary school students.

Gonsalves said that the move by these international organizations is an indication that there is a growing confidence in the ruling Unity Labour Party.

“I wonder what they (NDP) are now going to say when they (CDF) are actually partnering with us and providing us with $4.2 million.”(JJ)