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Commissioner Miller visits Prep School

Commissioner Miller visits Prep School


Commissioner of Police Keith Miller has implored the acting Headteacher of the Kingstown Preparatory School to be vigilant, especially on matters of security.{{more}}

Miller and Assistant Commissioner of Police Lenroy Brewster visited the Kingstown Preparatory School (KPS) recently to assess a normal school day and to interact with the students.

Students screamed with excitement as they tried to hug the COP and his Assistant COP and ask them questions.

“This walk through I think would really give principals, teachers and children some confidence of feeling safe and secure,” said Miller to Carol Wilson-Ross, the Acting Headteacher, as he informed her that other senior police officers were visiting the other schools in the vicinity.

He then held a short meeting with Wilson-Ross and discussed matters of school security and ways the police can partner with the institution to make the zone a safer one.

Miller said that the police are happy to have responded to Wilson-Ross’ request to put markings in place which indicate that certain areas near to the school are no parking spaces. He said this will go a long way in addressing the problem that the institution faces regarding poor parking and congestion.

He said the police had also received complaints of mini-bus drivers driving up on the one way route behind the Kingstown Preparatory School and the St.Vincent Grammar School and promised to look into this.

During the conversation, Miller highlighted the education revolution, which he contends places a “higher emphasis” on education. He added that it is impacting the Cadet Recruitment because more persons are now in schools than out.

The Acting Headteacher expressed thanks to the COP for promptly responding to her request to have the no parking spaces.

“I heard parents saying ‘this is a good thing, this is a good thing’,” said Wilson-Ross to Miller.

She said the no parking area outside the school is part of the institution’s emergency plan.

“We have a thousand plus children here, forty-four teachers and seven ancillary workers, and in case of an emergency we all go through the gates, but to where if we have vehicles parked all along,” said Wilson-Ross.

She stated that students from the other schools in the vicinity can now use the Kingstown Preparatory School route with ease of access.

She also expressed her school’s appreciation of having members of the Royal St.Vincent and the Grenadines Traffic Department visit the school to sensitize the students about traffic safety.

Wilson-Ross also used the opportunity to inform the Commissioner of Police and ACP Breswter that the school had also put measures in place to document every visitor entering the school.(HN)