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Lowmans Windward man loses all to fire


Nigel Samuel, of Lowmans Windward, is trying to cope with his loss after his house went up in flames on Monday, September 27, 2010.{{more}}

Samuel told SEARCHLIGHT that on Sunday, September 26, he went to a funeral, but spent the night at his Grandmother’s home.

However, by 6 a.m. Monday, he was back at his home where he spent two hours before leaving for work.

At around 4:30 p.m. that afternoon, he received a call from a woman who told him that his house was on fire.

He noted that he didn’t believe.

While he was still in a state of disbelief, he received another call from a woman who repeated that his house was on fire.

He admitted that he responded “you lie.”

He said even when he was told that his house was burnt “right down to the ground” he still didn’t believe until he went and saw the remains for himself.

Samuel disclosed that his plywood building consists of two bedrooms and a kitchen and was furnished with furniture, television, radio, stove and DVD.

They all went up in flames.

At present, Samuel is staying with his mother. He is however doubtful that that anyone would help him to rebuild a home.

The mason who claimed that he built the house himself, lamented: “Ah feel real bad about it.”