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Dr. Gonsalves launches own website

Dr. Gonsalves launches own website


Prime Minister Dr.Ralph Gonsalves has launched a website called{{more}}

The site was uploaded on Saturday, September 25.

Gonsalves made the disclosure on Monday, September 17, at a press conference held at Cabinet Rooms.

The site has various menus including: Blog, Contact Us, Gallery, About Ralph E. Gonsalves, Speeches, Books, Latest News.

“I warmly welcome you to this cyberspace repository of some of my thoughts, ideas and experiences captured in books, monographs and speeches. It is my wish that you peruse the site at your leisure and join me from time to time at –the blog created specifically for considered and meaningful exchanges,” stated the Prime Minister in his welcome message on the home page.

He added: “I have dedicated my life to serving the poor and the disadvantaged, to nation building and regional integration. I hope that I have helped and contributed more than I have erred; I like to think that I have. And so, the journey continues. There is still much work to be done and I invite you to join me in some of these endeavours. To that end, I draw your attention to the monograph entitled, Lifting the Education Revolution to the Next Level.”