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‘No Compromise’ exalts the name of Jesus Christ

‘No Compromise’ exalts the name of Jesus Christ


You cannot be a believer of Jesus Christ and not make a difference in the world. You must be different from the rest of the world.{{more}}

This was the essence of one of the messages that was preached to several young people at a week long convention dubbed “No Compromise”, staged by the Exalt Him Worship Ministries.

The convention, which was targeted at young Christians, began on Monday, September 6, at the Diamond Evangelical Church and continued throughout the week at different venues across St.Vincent and the Grenadines. It concluded on Sunday, September 12, at the Streams of Power church in Sans Souci.

Young ministers also took part in the convention, some of which included Voices of Victory, Men of God United, Spotlight Crew, Angelicas, and guest artists Dwayne Bedeau, “the Silent Sah”, and J- Square of Trinidad .

The convention also included visits to secondary schools by the guest artists to share Christ with the students of the Dr. J.P. Eustace Memorial Secondary School and the St. Vincent Grammar School.

The messages preached by the young ministers during the week all focused on what it means to be a true Christian, not compromising or living by the worlds standards.

Osbert Francois on Monday spoke about the importance of the real church, what it means to be followers of Christ and the things that should be avoided.

Tuesday night’s speaker, Ezra Cumberbatch, spoke about being lukewarm in your walk with Christ; while Wednesday night’s speaker, Mudassa Gaymes, focused on the counterfeit or real Christian. He emphasized that so many Christians say that they are filled with the Holy Spirit but are not Christ like.

Thursday night’s speaker, Nolan Nanton, speaking at the Layou Miracle church, deciphered the truth of God’s word, urging Christians to live by the word completely, as living against it means that they are against the truth.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights saw Allan Leach speak thoroughly about walking as a christian. Leach provided several tools to help christians live a holy life, emphasizing points such as renewing the mind through reading the word and believing in the victory in Jesus. He also broke down certain concepts such as sin in thought, word and deed, explaining that sin occurs initially in the mind.

The week long event also saw performances by the Exalt Him Shalom Body worship dance ministry and a humorous drama put on by the group’s drama ministry Remnants of Gideon, which told a tale of a young Christian who compromised, resulting in a sexually transmitted disease.

The week also featured several inspiring testimonies by youths encouraging other youths alike to put their trust in God.