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Upgrading the court system


Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme High Court, Hugh Rawlins, has said there are challenges affecting the execution of the mission of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court.{{more}}

Rawlins made this observation at the opening of the new law term 2010-2011 on Monday, September 13, 2010. Judge Gertel Thom read Rawlins’ speech at the special sitting of the High Court on Monday.

Rawlins stated that the mission of the court was to serve the respective member states of the court with justice that is independent, efficient and effective.

He added that the courts present challenge is to provide an efficient service. He stated that where there has been an increase in criminal and civil cases, the courts have not benefited from an increase in human resources.

Rawlins added that the courts have been trying to upgrade its technology to meet their mission “in these times”. He mentioned the introduction of a Judicial Enforcement Management System (JEMS) which he says has continued to have a positive impact on high court offices around the region.

Rawlins added that several training sessions have been done with staff of the high courts to upgrade their skills and improve their efficiency. Other technological advances included in the courts include video and teleconferencing advancements.

Monday’s sitting of the High Court also heard remarks from Attorney General Judith Jones Morgan who commended the members of the High Court offices for their leadership and hard work. Remarks were also made by Bertram Commissiong QC and Lawyer Samantha Robertson.(OS)