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Human Rights encouraged as new Law Term opens

Human Rights encouraged as new Law Term opens


Lawyers in St. Vincent and the Grenadines have been encouraged to focus more on human rights. This encouragement came from Father Andrew Roache as he delivered the sermon at the SVG Christian Council’s Ecumenical Service to mark the opening of the 2010 to 2011 law term.{{more}} The service took place at the St. George’s Cathedral on Monday, September 13, 2010.

Roache said that human rights are God given rights. It is, however, a Government’s job to protect, promote and enhance these rights.

Roache also shared some concerns regarding the legal system. His concerns include the length of time accused persons spend in prison before their cases are brought before the court, and the mixing of hard core criminals with those who have committed minor offences.

Roache encouraged the lawyers to have a sense of love in their hearts, and a heart for the poor. Referring to Psalms 82:4, he said that the scripture calls for a new language of love, which implores persons to love their neighbors as themselves.

During the sitting of the high court which followed the church service, Judge Gertel Thom, addressing the room of lawyers, reiterated the advice given by Roache. She admonished the lawyers to be the leaders of truth, to stand tall and to lead by example during the new law term. Thom also congratulated those lawyers who were successful in their exams.

Court Officer Corporal Kingsley John, who was killed on Saturday, August 7, at the Biabou Police Station, was remembered with the observance of one minute of silence. (OS)