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Gilchrist: ‘Teacher shortage resolved’

Gilchrist: ‘Teacher shortage resolved’


Schools throughout the state which are affected by a shortage of teachers were expected to have been adequately staffed by Wednesday, September 15.{{more}}

This was disclosed at a press conference held by the Ministry of Education earlier that day.

Louann Gilchrist, Chief Education Officer, said the shortage “is in fact a bit of a lapse which occurred in the staffing of the schools,” and explained that the problem was caused by a number of teachers going off on study leave.

“A particular problem which we are experiencing at this point, and one which you would have already heard articulated, is the shortage of trained persons, especially in … Maths and the Sciences,” said Gilchrist.

“What was identified last week as a serious problem will by the end of today be adequately resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned,” said Gilchrist, noting that it is understood that parents will have anxiety concerning their children’s instructions.

“We in the Ministry do share that anxiety as well, because it is our responsibility to ensure that the schools are adequately staffed and we have done so,” said Gilchrist.

Earlier, Gilchrist disclosed that approximately 36 teachers were granted study leave to pursue studies abroad, whereas the number pursuing studies at the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Community College is approximately 25.

Last week, a caller who gave his name as Thornley Myers called the We Fm “Shake Up Programme” and complained that the Girls’ High School (GHS), where his daughter is a student, was short by 11 teachers.

Further inquiry throughout the schools discovered that other institutions were short by two to four teachers.

“These teachers were granted study leave with the intention that their training will build the capacity of the Ministry of Education in order to enhance the Technical and Vocational Education Training sector, Early Childhood Education, Mathematics and Science and Technology in particular,” Gilchrist explained.