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CDC honours Rodriguez, Culture Minister Baptiste

CDC honours Rodriguez, Culture Minister Baptiste


At the recent Miss Carival beauty pageant, two of the show’s long-standing contributors were honoured for their valiant efforts {{more}} towards its development over the years.

Minister of Urban Development, Culture, Labour and Electoral Matters, René Baptiste, and Chairperson of the Beauty Shows Committee Cheryl Rodriguez, were presented with plaques, crowns and flower bouquets at the First Citizens Group Miss Carival show; which took place on Friday, July 2, 2010.

The Beauty Shows Committee, including June Huggins, Agnes de Roche and Avis Yorke, made the presentations.

Rodriguez and Baptiste were both crowned while receiving glowing tributes delivered by Lennox Bowman, Carnival Development Corporation advisor, and Hugh Raguette, chairman of PanKaiMas.

Rodriguez, who also serves as the Marketing and Public Relations Officer at the National Commercial Bank, is this year celebrating 20 years of involvement in the beauty pageants sector.

Baptiste was recently featured in the summer issue of SHE Magazine as one of the ten most powerful Caribbean women. (JV)