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Vincentian found dead on cruise ship

Vincentian found  dead on cruise ship


A family of Calder is in shock after learning about the sudden death of their loved one.{{more}}

Earlier this week, Dwayne Roberts, of Calder, was found dead aboard the cruise ship “Liberty of the Seas”.

Reports claim the 29-year-old man’s lifeless body was discovered in his cabin on Tuesday, July 6, 2010, with a belt around his neck.

His relatives were in a state of shock when SEARCHLIGHT visited them on Wednesday.

Dwayne’s grief stricken mother, Jennifer Roberts, noted that a medical officer from the cruiseship broke the sad news to her via telephone.

She disclosed that the circumstances surrounding Dwayne’s death are bizarre and the family would like to get to the bottom of it.

The grieving mother is adamant that Dwayne did not commit suicide.

According to Jennifer, Dwayne was last seen by his South African girlfriend, who shares a cabin with him.

She said the South African national, a mother of three, claimed that on Tuesday she had received an e-mail that one of her children’s fathers was found dead by hanging in South Africa.

The woman, said Jennifer, related that she left Dwayne in the cabin and went to purchase a telephone card. Upon her return, she found him dead with a belt around his neck.

“I feel shocked,” said Jennifer.

She noted that Dwayne’s wife, Amanda Robert of Bequia, who resides in Canada, is trying to get more information from the cruise ship surrounding her husband’s death.

Efforts are being made to have his body returned to St.Vincent and the Grenadines, Jennifer disclosed.