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Paget Farm students soar

Paget Farm students soar


As the Paget Farm Government School held its 2010, graduation ceremony for twenty-five students on Tuesday, July 29, 2010 at the Paget Farm Anglican Church, the graduating class heartily sang the words of the song ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus:{{more}}

“…But I, I gotta keep trying, gotta keep my head held high…”

The words had the same theme as the presentation made by the ceremony’s featured speaker Donnette Simmons, Branch Manager of the RBTT Bank, Bequia. She urged the students to work hard and always reflect on the school’s motto that hard work brings success.

“After all the hard work, don’t forget to give yourself a tap on the back,” she said. She also advised the parents to encourage the students to dream big.

Past student Jevon Bynoe, in his tribute, stated that seven years of his life at that school were truly worth the stay. Presently a student of the Thomas Saunders Secondary School, Bynoe said that his success and disciplined approach to life stem from his primary school learning. He told the students not to put limits on themselves. “The sky is not the limit, strive to reach further” he urged.

Headteacher Devon Ollivierre stressed the importance of the parent-teacher relationship and the need for more interest to be placed on boys in school. He encouraged parents to spend more time with their children. He advised them that a minimum of fifteen minutes a day could make the difference between them turning out to be a criminal or a doctor.

Ollivierre also said that there is need for much improvement among the students. He said that the school’s administration has embarked on a development plan which should enhance performance at all levels. Some of these plans include parent workshops, home visits by teachers, reward systems for students and parent observation of students in the classroom setting.

Awards were also given, with Tanisha Hazell receiving the James Ollivierre Award for the Most Outstanding student, as well as the award for best French student. Valiyah Allen gained the Most Disciplined Award, while Kentisha Hanson and Sylroy Ollivierre were awarded the most helpful, and Tyrel Ragguette being the most improved.

The exciting evening came to a close with congratulatory remarks from relatives as well as Parliamentary Representative for the Northern Grenadines, Dr. Godwin Friday.

Friday, in his remarks, enthusiastically stated that there is much unrealized potential in the students of this school. He said that he is prepared to do all that is necessary to make sure that the Paget Farm Government School reaches the national level. He applauded the development plan that the school’s administration put in place, and he called on the teachers and parents to support it.