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BAECC holds first graduation

BAECC  holds first graduation


Twenty-seven pre-school students made history on Thursday, July 1, as the first batch of students to graduate from the Bequia Anglican Early Childhood Centre.{{more}}

“I am very impressed with the talent that I am seeing,” said Madge Hazell, Headteacher of the newly built Bequia Anglican Primary School, in which the Early Childhood Centre is located.

“It shows that we have potential and we have to look forward for great things in the future” she said.

The Centre, which is part of the Bequia Anglican Primary School, opened in September, 2009 with three teachers and one attendant.

The students’ talent captured the full attention of the persons present. The opening prayer was done by a student of the Centre, as well as the welcome remarks, and the national anthem was played on pan by a student of the primary school.

“I am a child” was the song of the day, and the graduates performed it well. They recited what they learnt over the past year in a poem and explained their career choices, leaving the audience in an uproar of laughter and excitement. Some of the choices were a doctor, “to care for people”; policeman, “to lock up bad people” and dentist, “to clean people’s teeth and give them a healthier smile”.

The teachers spoke of their great expectations and the many memories they have to cherish, while parents encouraged the graduates and wished them well as they go off to kindergarten. They were also commended by the Headteacher for their hard work and dedication.

The evening was followed by the presentation of awards to students. Awards were given for the “most outstanding”, “most regular”, “most friendly”, “most helpful”, “most quiet”, “most improved” and “most talkative/outspoken” student. Some parents also received awards for being the most involved parents. The ceremony came to a close with the cutting of the graduation cake and final goodbyes.