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Findlay: Mije will continue to improve Carnival Catwalk

Findlay: Mije will continue to improve Carnival Catwalk


The issue of a proper venue for the staging of fashion shows is still an issue which plagues the fashion industry.

Nevertheless, the show must go on and indeed those present at this year’s edition of ‘Carnival Catwalk’ will perhaps agree that the show has become one of the premiere events on the local fashion scene.{{more}}

The fifth installment of the show, which was held at the Arnos Vale Playing Field behind the Media Centre, brought out some of this country’s top fashion designers including Karen De Freitas with her label SOKA; Kimon Baptiste’s ‘Kimmystic Clothing’ and Jeremy Payne’s showcasing his ‘Silky Ruff’ collection – just to mention a few.

Whether it was designer jewelry crafted by Roland ‘Scrapie’ Dopwell, or the elegant evening gowns of the event’s featured designer Donna Weekes, patrons agreed that being there to witness the show was well worth it.

The evening featured a few new faces in the likes of US based Vincentian designer Saskia Skeritt- Edwards and Iasha Horne. It was also the premiere of Donna Weekes and Roland Dopwell on Carnival Catwalk line up.

Rounding up the night’s cast were designs from Alicia Simmons showcasing her jewelry; Shernicia Mayers and Barbadian based designers Jillian Sprott, Kathy Ann Inniss and Shanika Burnett.

“I thought it went quite well,” Jean Johnney-Findlay, founder of Mije said.

“We were able to get through things quite quickly because of the experience we’ve had in doing it before,” she continued, saying that it was an all round good performance from all involved in making the event possible.

“The designers have improved and our featured designer Donna Weekes brought it to the table.”

She expressed her gratitude to the few business houses which have continuously supported her in the past, however Findlay said that there is an overall lack of financial support.

Nevertheless, a modest Findlay told SEARCHLIGHT that she is contented with the contribution she has made to the promotion of the local fashion industry.

“I will continue and Mije will continue to do what we are doing and we will try to improve and hope that we can get a little more sponsorship to do it on a much larger scale,” she contended.