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SVGTC final year students get a taste of working life

SVGTC final year students get a taste of working life


The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College, Department of Technical Vocational studies has embarked on its yearly routine of attaching their final year students to private and public sector institutions, to enhance their practical professional performances.{{more}}

According to Dean Williams, a final year student of the Department of Electronic Maintenance and Repair Department, he is grateful for the opportunity to be assigned to the National Centre for Technological Innovation (NCTI) where he has been given exposure in Computer Repairs. He further stated after his graduation this week, he will consider a career in Computer Engineering.

He cautioned other youths to use their knowledge wisely and make the best use of their education.

Jason Phillips, another final year student of the SVGTC says it was time well spent being attached to the NCTI where most of his practical work aligned with what he was taught at the SVGCC.

Jason would like a future career as a Electronic Engineer. He urges young people to grab at every opportunity of educating themselves.